Here are some answers to common questions we get at Armstrong Building Services.  Ask a lot of questions before starting your project.  These can get you thinking:

Will you work with my designer?   Yes, I am happy to work from blueprints and drawings from professional designers.  It is important that communication lines be open and often for coordinating demolition, purchases and installation.  Let me know the contact information and/or arrange for an introduction to get started.

Do you do demolition and haul it away?  Yes, clearing out a room or space for remodel can include tearing down walls, decaying wood or sheet rock, floors, cabinets and cupboards, tiles, etc.  The debris is loaded into my truck and hauled to the county landfill.  This process can release a lot of dust into the air so it look for ways to tarp off the area to minimize it spreading throughout the house or building.

What happens if rotted pipes or wood is found after demolition?  This happens often in older homes or in spaces where previous remodel quality was shoddy.  It may cause some delays or cost over runs, but problems are not covered up and or ignored.  We will address them with you as they happen to talk over the options for solutions.  There are usually a few choices for solving the problem as inexpensively as possible.

May I call previous clients for a reference?  Yes of course and I hope you do.  What set’s Armstrong apart from other contractors is the passion for perfect and quality workmanship.

Do you have multiple clients at once?  On occasion schedules will require us to work for to clients at the same time.  Where there are natural delays, such as drying, cure and setup periods, etc.  We understand the need to get in and out of interior remodel projects quickly.