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ADA Bathrooms

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Armstrong Building Services is a Leader in Quality and Custom Projects


Armstrong Building Services can help bring your dream bathroom to life. From building out a custom designed bathroom to renovating an existing one, we are the top bathroom contractor in South Central Michigan. 

From Tile Flooring, Custom Vanities, Bath and Shower Installation, ADA Compliance, we have you covered. When you hire us you are not only getting incredible craftsmanship, you are also getting generations of experience. Armstrong Building Services can help you best decide on a functional layout, ideas for optimizing the space or luxury options that would ensure a spa like atmosphere. The perfect Bathroom is a balance between function and visual appeal, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you continue to enjoy your new bathroom for many years to come.

Armstrong Building Services Bathroom Project
Armstrong Building Services ADA Bathroom

ADA Bathrooms

Armstrong Building Services Jackson, Michigan's Contractor for handicapped accessible bathrooms and kitchens. Renovating your home is always a big task, but the project gets a lot more daunting when you require special considerations for accessibility. There are a ton of additional code requirements, safety concerns and products to be aware of; this is why most smart homeowners choose to work with a professional contractor who has experience in ADA Compliance. 

Armstrong Building Services in Jackson, Michigan, stands out as a top choice for homeowners needing to renovate bathrooms and kitchens with a focus on accessibility. Their expertise in ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliance ensures that every aspect of the renovation process is handled with precision and care. From understanding the intricate code requirements to selecting the right products that guarantee safety and ease of use for those with disabilities, Armstrong Building Services has a proven track record of creating spaces that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Their commitment to quality and detail makes them an invaluable partner for those looking to make their homes more accessible and comfortable for everyone.

ADA Bathrooms

Custom ADA Showers

If you are looking for a unique and totally custom ADA shower, you are in the right place. Whether you need a luxury shower to fit in an unusual space, or you just want your shower to become a unique retreat, Armstrong Building Services can make it happen. Our custom showers are made just for you!


Firstly, choose from over 60 color options, three base heights, dozens of accessories, and any size or shape you can imagine.


Don’t let the total customization scare you – they also manufacture dozens of standard sizes that fit most bathrooms. 

Armstrong Building Services ADA Shower
Construction Company Jackson Michigan


Armstrong Building Services Kitchen

Armstrong Building Services Michigan's Premier Kitchen Remodeling Company. We are able to do complete renovations or something as simple as a backsplash, Give us a call for all of your Kitchen Remodeling ideas.

Your kitchen is the busiest area in your house. Everyone Uses it multiple times a day, whether its preparing meals, eating them or just as a gathering place. This is why it is essential to make sure your kitchen is not only functional for cooking, but also functions in all the ways your family uses it.  Whether you are single or have a large family, an aesthetically pleasing and well laid out kitchen will enhance your ability to enjoy your home.

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Who We Are

About Our Company

Hi! I’m Loren Armstrong.  Thanks for visiting Armstrong Building Services. I have been building and remodeling homes in the local area for over 20 years. Are you looking for trusted performance & higher standards for a new kitchen, bathroom or basement remodel? Just try one friendly meeting with experienced professionals, not salesmen, and feel your trust build. We will respectfully listen and give you no-pressure solutions, not "sell-you." We are a rare family of 3 generations of contractors. We have decades of experience passed down, many craftsman skills, and a creative design team. Soon after a meeting with you, we give you an estimate and if you hire us, the owner actually works with his crew from beginning to end. No leaveing newbie employees alone at your home to short-cut quality. So, consider us as an investment.


"Cheap work isn't skilled...and skilled work isn't cheap."Contact us today for your next project!


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Loren Armstrong

Loren Armstrong

CEO, Armstrong Building Services

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