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The spaces you spend most of your time in are definitely worth the extra attention Armstrong Building Services can give them. We offer each of our clients a unique and innovative solution to their bathroom needs. You won’t have to lift a finger. We’ll take care of everything. Contact us today to get started!

Armstrong Building Services ADA Shower


Year after year, an increasing number of consumers opt for a shower over a bathtub when renovating or designing their bathroom. Sometimes, it is due to space restrictions, at times it is to save water, but sometimes, it is also due to a desire for a more modern appearance.

As a result of this phenomenon, manufacturers compete to create innovative technology solutions and unique product layouts. Eventually, they managed to come up with something that is a little distinctive in order to minimize the downsides of acrylic alternatives that have been prevalent for years. 

Shower trays, walls, bathtubs, and floors are now made using a specialized resin and crushed stone composition. Indeed, stone resin showers are quickly gaining popularity.

Our Stone-Resin showers are luxury in every way!

Beautiful designs and many colors

Easy to clean alternative to grout/tile

Many custom sizes and shower shapes, many types of matching benches, shelves, and trim

Thick and durable alternative to thin, flexible fiberglass from “Big-box stores.” 

Slip resistant bases

Matching design and colors for bathroom vanity countertops and sinks

Meets ADA shower requirements with low profile entrance ramps or barrier free floor entrance!

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