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Here at Armstrong Building Services, we proudly offer an innovative 3D design process. This cutting-edge approach allows clients to visualize their projects in a detailed and immersive 3D format before construction begins.


This service ensures that every aspect of the design aligns perfectly with the client's vision, guaranteeing satisfaction and precision in the final outcome.


Whether remodeling a kitchen or designing a new bathroom, our 3D design process transforms ideas into tangible, customizable models, offering a unique and interactive planning experience.

Check out our 4 step process below!

STEP 1: Original Drawing

Kings Original Drawing.jpg

STEP 2: Detailed Blueprint

Kings 3D Blue Print .jpg

STEP 3: Realistic 3D Rendering

Kings 3D Kitchen window _edited.jpg

Realistic 3D Rendering

Kings 3D accent wall_edited.jpg

STEP 4: Final Product

Kings Sink wall_edited.jpg

Final Product

Finished accent Wall_edited.jpg
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